See chapter on Superheated Steam Drying In handbook of Industrial Drying. Ed. A.S.
Mujumdar, CRC Press, USA, 2006, 1280 pp
- See chapter in Guide to Industrial Drying, A.S. Mujumdar, Color Publications, 2004
- Special issues on SHSD of Drying Technology journal, 2007.

SUPERHEATED STEAM DRYING (SSD) - Hệ thống sấy sử dụng hơi quá nhiệt
- Proposed over 100 years ago; received serious attention only during the past 20-30 years
- Uses superheated steam instead of hot air or combustion/flue gases in a direct (convection) dryer
- More complex equipment than hot-air drying system;leak-proofing needed; feed/discharge can be difficult
- Lower net energy consumption (if exhausted steam can be used elsewhere in the process and not charged to dryer)
- Better product quality (in most cases);Safe operation, no fire/explosion hazard; no oxidation

If steam pressure is kept constant and more energy is added, its temperature increases and saturated
steam becomes superheated steam (SHS)
- If extra heat can be transferred to an available heat sink, SHS returns to saturated conditions
- Any convection dryer can be made into SHSD e.g. fluidized bed, flash, rotary, conveyor type, spray,
impinging jet; opposing jets (impinging streams) etc. Additional heat sources e.g. radiation, conduction, MW etc can also be added
- Low, near-atmopsheric or high pressure operation possible.

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