Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) of all HVAC systems in a new building is needed to complete the installation and to make the systems perform as the de−signer intended. Assuming that the system design and installation meets the comfort needs of the building occupants, good testing, adjusting and balancing of the HVAC system provides occupant comfort with minimum ennergy input. This is extremely important in this era of rising energy costs. It is also important to make sure all factory equipment startup service has been completed before beginning any TAB work. Most specifications on new building construction usually require a factory representative to be present during the initial startup and adjustment of central boilers, chillers, large variable speed motor
drives, and cooling towers. This initial equipment checkout is also usually required to activate the factorywarranties and are not be part of the TAB contractor’s responsibility. After this initial startup service hasbeen completed, the TAB contractor should be informed that the systems are operating properly, that allsafety interlocks and protective devices are functioning, and the systems are ready to be balanced.

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