During the past 20 years, design and operation of the comfort systems for buildings have been transformed because of energy conservation imperatives, the use of computer-based design aids, and major advances in intelligent management systems for buildings. In the 1970s, rules of thumb were widely used by designers. Today, a strong analytical basis for the design synthesis process is standard procedure. This handbook describes the latest methods for design and operation of new and existing buildings. In addition, the principles of life cycle economics are used routinely in design selections and tradeoffs. The information in this handbook is presented in a practical way that building systems engineers will find useful.
The book is divided into eight sections:
1. Introduction to the buildings sector
2. Fundamentals
3. Economic aspects of buildings
4. HVAC equipment and systems
5. Controls
6. HVAC design calculations
7. Operation and maintenance
8. Appendices
Because of ongoing and rapid change in the HVAC industry, new material will be developed prior to
the standard handbook revision cycle. By link to the CRC Web site, the author will be periodically posting new material that owners of the handbook can access.


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