Different versions of these materials were tried out with students in five countries. The book is in its
present form partly as a result of the useful reports and in many cases the very detailed comments
received while the work was being developed. I would like to thank the following:
United Kingdom
Vera Regina de A Couto and staff  Cultura Inglesa, Rio
Rosa Lenzuen
Louise Towersey
Michael Watkins
Cultura Inglesa, Curitiba
Werner Kieweg  University of Munich
Norman Lewis  , Gymnasium Wildeshausen
Robert Nowacek  Volkshochschule, Kaufbeuren
Sandra Klapsis  Homer Association, Athens Joanna Malliou
George Rigas  The Morai'tis School, Athens
Paola Giovamma Ottolino  Liceo Linguistico, A. Manzoni, Milano
Sue Boardman  Bell School, Saffron Walden Pat Lodge
Alan Fortune  Ealing cdllege of Higher Education
Mary Stephens  Eurocentre, Bournemouth M. Milmo  Eurocentre, Lee Green Steve Moore Jennifer Swift Ann Timson Josephine von Waskowski
I would also like to thank:
- Donald Adamson and Neville Grant for their detailed and stimulating commentaries and particularly Roy Kingsbury for his comprehensive report and notes on exercise-types.
- my personal assistant, Penelope Parfitt, and my wife, Julia, for reading and commenting on the
work at every stage of its development.
I am especially grateful to my publishers and their representatives for administering and monitoring the trialling of the manuscript in various locations round the world and for exercising such care and skill to  1 see the work through to publication.


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